Have fun — will travel.

It is no secret to those who know me, that I work very hard to manifest my goals through what I verbalize, and certainly through my actions. I learned much later in life that it is critical to judge people on their maneuvers and behaviors over their intentions, and I hold myself just as accountable in this sentiment. Which is why when I decided I wanted to travel more for work (after a long conversation with my Aunt about my career), that it began to actually happen.

Fortunately, I have some pretty badass clients and friends that have been instrumental correspondents in helping my goal of “traveling for work” come to fruition. As the new year unfolds, my team and I have more travel already on the horizon! We will be back in Manhattan next month, in fact. These jaunts have been incredible opportunities to sop up more culture, navigate new markets, and to visit new galleries, museums, and thrift shops. Traveling for business is a pleasure. It has elevated who I am as a designer, and who I am as a human, on this weird and wonderful planet. I truly love what I do. My work benefits the clients I take on, by enhancing their environments, just as much as it does for enhancing my own. For that, I am grateful, and I am also thirsty for more!

Now accepting clients in: Patagonia, Sardinia, Laos, Barcelona, Santorini, New Orleans, Portland, Palm Springs, and beyond. I’m serious. Manifesting 5000: let’s do this!

(Lower East Side Manhattan Flat)

(Lower East Side Manhattan Flat)

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