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Cira J.s. raab

Having been raised and surrounded by artists her entire life, Cira embodies an innate talent that has lived within her far before design school. Her work boldly expresses a passion for individualized design in every project. Her experiences both personally and professionally add invaluable knowledge to her imaginative instinct, beyond the formal training she has received.

Cira works from an intuitively creative place that manifests through the impact of color, texture, and maverick narratives in her projects. Her singular vision has quickly built a high demand for her design work. With a style that defies localized trends, she creates internationally relevant works and is available for booking worldwide.



Cira James offers each client a personalized experience, tailored to their design needs and budget. Please reach out to discuss availability & compatibility, after reviewing our standard services, and FAQs below. We invoice through PayPal. PayPal accepts bank transfers and credit cards! We add a 3% convenience fee if you choose to pay direct through PayPal. If you want to pay via Venmo or by check, we will waive the PayPal convenience charge. Please let us know your preference.


interior design

From concept to completion. Includes hand-drawn floor plans & elevations, research, sourcing, shopping, project management, and final styling. Billed hourly ($150 per hour). Retainer required. Sub contractors, assistants, and travel fees are additional. Contact for a custom quote and retainer details.


design in a day

“Good design, and the good vibes it brings with it, shouldn’t be the privilege of the few, but accessible for all.” My specialty. Yes. ONE day! Me, one of my assistants, my tools, and our creativity.  You give me carte blanche to use whatever you have in your place. I curate your very own things and compose them for a cohesive look.  It's like putting all the pieces of you together to make a completed puzzle. Usually works out to 3-4 completed rooms depending on size and scope of work. Great for those who have just moved in, or just need to move-up in the world.  Invite your friends over for a party when I'm done, or no longer feel embarrassed to have your new crush come over! Eight hours on site. Travel & Accommodation fees (for distant locations) are additional. Please visit out FAQs below for more. $1550


walk N' talk

One hour staging consultation for home owner's that are serious about selling their property fast.  I give you my expert advice on what to do to get your home in tip-top shape for the marketplace from the cosmetic to the critical stuff, so that you may implement it on your own. I talk fast, and give out a ton of information from aesthetics, to home repair: you’ll need to take notes. Follow-up checklist emailed to you. Small investment. Huge impact! $175 per hour.


style boards

Lost on what to buy for that room you want to re-do? So, let's chat. This service is the creative-design-piece, and can be implemented remotely via email (after purchasing & filling out a questionnaire). After Cira processes what you are trying to achieve, you will receive a complete look with prices and sources right to your inbox so you know where to buy. Unlike other style boards, these are curated from multiple online sources, not just one store, and takes great care and time to cultivate Cira’s vision for you. You let go, and give carte blanche to go beyond your aesthetic expectations! These are popularly paired with our "Design In A Day" service, and includes directives for the items on the board, (but does not include a floor plan). Please visit our FAQs below for more. $600 per room.



Ready to sell your home? Does it look photo ready? Most people house shop on-line first! Set yourself apart from the competition. Staging gets you sold for faster and more money at the closing table, than foregoing it. We have a proven track record of success. Furniture Rentals available upon request. Styling/Staging is $190-$270 per hour depending on the size of the team needed. Furniture & Accessory Rentals are an additional $75 - $550 per room. Please read our FAQs below for more info.



Doing a renovation a need some help picking out paint colors? Or tile? Or just need some direction and advice for your space(s)? Cira’s got you.  Pick her brain for $150 per hour, or send her to someone who needs the advice (gift cards available).

So what’s a style Board?

Still have questions after reading the Services Tab? Well, "Style Boards" (a.k.a. Vision Boards, or Mood Boards), are an affordable $600 option to attain your aesthetic goals! Each one is created with time and attention to the responses you email in from a questionnaire attached to your invoice, or after I have have an on-site appointment with you (billed hourly). Unlike others, items are personally sourced from ALL over the internet for you — not just one store! Then you purchase the items on your own, eliminating the cost & time, of me making all those purchases for you. AND everything is delivered to your door. Makes sense, right?

Options and items listed on your project are available on-line at the time your "Style Board" is sent. Example SB’s can be viewed in our “Work” tab.

Sources and prices of the items are listed; tax and shipping are not.

It is always my goal to choose pieces that will make your home feel curated over time, not purchased in a day. Therefore, regardless of your personal style: expect the unexpected. I aim to mix, not match, and give you something that's uniquely "you." Let's up the ante of who you are, through design. Therefore, please answer the questionnaire super thoroughly and with great care, if we are working remotely together.

I cannot guarantee price or inventory on another vendors site. PLEASE purchase items in a timely fashion to ensure shipment. Alternate selections are billed hourly.

By purchasing a "style board(s)" &/or my services, you are agreeing to give me carte blanche for my vision with your project, based on your questionnaire answers, or in-house appointment. Feel free to research the items on your style board through ebay, craigslist, of FaceBook-Yard-Sales, or Chairish for even greater deals!

Refunds are not given.

Edits will be made upon request at an hourly rate ($150/hr). If you want to change out more than 3-4 items on your style board, we are not a good fit for one another. If you are not kind-natured, we are not a good fit for one another. If you do not want to step outside your comfort zone, we are not a good fit for one another. If you have a tough time giving up creative control, this is not the service for you.

After receipt of payment, and return of questionnaire responses, I will be in touch with an estimated delivery date to your inbox.

Style Boards do not include measured layouts; yet, they do include general directives/intended placement.

Measured, hand-drawn layouts/floor plans are available for $150/each. Elevations are an additional $150/each.

***Style Boards are often paired with the “Design In A Day” service.*

What’s Staging?

Need more info after reading the Services Tab? Ok! Staging gets your property looking it’s best to hit the market at large! Staging is about depersonalizing your space, while still giving it a narrative to appeal to potential home buyers. From your photos to your first impression upon pulling up to the house, we take it all in to consideration.

-We offer basic art & simple accessories, as well as the ability to furnish large spaces. Rental pricing ranges from $75-$550 per room. Design hours are $190-$270 per hour, depending on the size of the team needed for your project.

-Rental fee(s) include delivery, mileage, van fees, and fuel.

-Staging terms are from 8 weeks from date of installation (or less). In the unlikely event that you will need to rent our items for longer, please contact me for discounted pricing on the rental term.

-Our items are moved over and over again, they are not in perfect condition, we do our best to disguise this, however. The point is to show buyers delineation of space, and potential: trust me they won’t notice a nick on the foot of the coffee table.

***I am given carte blanche on staging furniture & staging accessory choices, as we have a rotating variety of items, and what we have is always in flux. I am always conscious, however, to blend current trends with what best fits the style of home that is being placed on the market, regardless of my personal taste, or that of the homeowners. Although I am an interior designer, (and take my design clients personal aesthetic to heart), THIS is staging—a completely different animal. Refunds & swaps/exchanges are not given.***

Thank you for your understanding, and trust in my proven instincts, on what current home buyers are collectively looking for in your property. I look forward to your project!

I want tHe “Design In a day”specialty. what else do i need to know?

Need more answers after reading the Services Tab? Here’s the nitty gritty: You are giving us carte blanche to edit, rearrange, and use, whatever you have in your place (attics, cellars, closets, cabinets, et cetera), to curate your very own items in to a cohesive look.

Pricing includes 8 hours of Cira and an assistant, hanging hardware, and basic supplies like bulbs, extension cords, and such ($1550).

*Add $40/hr for each additional assistant (dependent on scope of project). Travel expenses are not included. Travel expenses are added to projects beyond a 15mi radius from West Chester, PA. Expenses can be anything from mileage ($0.58/mi), to parking fees, tolls, and accommodations. WE LOVE TO TRAVEL!

*Please generally clean, put away extraneous items, vacuum under things, and give a quick wipe to surfaces before we arrive. It is best to plan to be off-site while we are working. Let us know if you have pets, please.

*If combining with a Style Board(s), please have items that were purchased opened/unboxed. We may, but it's unlikely, that we will ask that some items are together prior to your install day, if applicable. This request is only likely to occur if Cira is arriving solo to your smaller project.